What Does It Take to Become an Award-Winning Hotel?

The fact that your business is an award winner is a big deal in the hospitality industry. For hotels, receiving multiple awards proves that they’re able to maintain a certain level of excellence only a few accommodations have achieved. It also means that they’ve earned the trust and seal of approval from millions of people, as well as from a prestigious panel of judges composed of highly regarded persons from the industry. Having several awards also makes hotels more attractive, which could result in a boost in their marketing and revenue.

Winning hotel awards and maintaining the prestige that comes with the accolades, however, isn’t easy. Hoteliers know that it takes a lot of consistent hard work for their hotels to become and remain award-winning accommodations. Nevertheless, great hoteliers can create excellent hotel experiences because they’ve perfected the following strategies for making an award-winning hotel:

Knowing Your Target Audience

Not all hotels cater to the same type of guest. Many hotels near Mall of Asia, for example, come with modest rooms and offer basic amenities, making them popular choices for locals and international visitors who are looking for affordable but good accommodations near the mall. Beach hotels, on the other hand, are known to provide their guests with a relaxing, island getaway-inspired environment where they can get quick and easy access to the beach.

By knowing their target customers, hoteliers can manage their hotels efficiently. They can cater to their guests’ specific needs to make them feel welcome.

Providing Excellent Facilities, Amenities, and Services

When looking for accommodations, people always check the kinds of facilities, amenities, and services hotels have to offer. These features have become an essential part of a good hotel experience.

That said, having a nice pool, providing basic toiletries, or offering free parking, won’t be enough to please hotel guests. These features have to be properly maintained to ensure that hotels are delivering excellent customer service. In this regard, every hotelier knows that taking excellent care of their facilities, amenities, and services is crucial to their business and satisfaction rating.

Hiring the Right People

Running an award-winning hotel requires a team of dedicated people who are ready to go above and beyond to meet their guests’ needs. That said, many hoteliers can be very particular when it comes to hiring people because they know that getting the right individuals will push their hotels toward success.

Hoteliers aren’t only looking for highly skilled people. They’re also looking for individuals who have a good attitude, are a team player, and understand the importance of upholding their hotels’ standards. These types of people are great to have on board since they’re showing the qualities of exemplary hotel staff members.

Receiving Positive Reviews on Online Booking Websites and Apps

One way for hotels to reach a larger audience is to partner with online hotel booking websites and apps. Since these platforms are used by millions of people each day, hotels will gain more online exposure. While this strategy may help boost profits, it may also cause a hotel’s reputation to suffer.

Many users of hotel booking websites and apps love leaving honest reviews, so if they had a negative experience in any hotel, they won’t be afraid to speak their minds. One bad review may severely damage a hotel’s reputation, and restoring its brand image can take a long time. That’s why hoteliers do their best to provide the finest hotel experience and customer service. In return, guests may leave positive reviews on hotel booking websites and apps.

Aside from maintaining a hotel’s good reputation, positive reviews also increase the hotel’s rating and ranking on the online booking website and app. This can benefit hotels for two big reasons. First, hotels that have good ratings often come up on the top of the search list when people are looking for good accommodations to stay in. This will entice more people to book a room at any of these hotels because they know that these accommodations are the best of the best on the website or app. Next, it gives great hotels a chance to win accolades since many hotel booking websites and apps give outstanding partner hotels awards and seals of approval of their own.

Having a Passion for the Industry

It isn’t easy running a hotel, but if hoteliers have the passion to be in this industry, then they have what it takes to turn their hotels into award-winning accommodations. Hoteliers who love what they do will always look for ways to improve the various aspects of their hotels, from the quality of their bedsheets to the ambiance of their hotel lobbies. They also motivate their hotel staff since they know that they wouldn’t be able to run the hotel without them. What’s more, great hoteliers always prioritize guest satisfaction, so they can ensure that they’re giving their guests the best hotel experience.

There are a lot of benefits to running an award-winning hotel, but achieving and maintaining that prestigious title entails a lot of challenges. That said, if hoteliers know that their hotel got what it takes to become award-winning accommodations, then all their hard work will be worth it.

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