MYX Top Music Videos 2013 (OPM)

1. Nasa Iyo Na AngLahat (Daniel Padilla)

MYX Top Music Videos 2013 (OPM)

This time as per cable TV voting, the rising star Daniel Padilla claims the top spot. No one’s complaining, that’s for sure.

2. Chinito (YengConstantino)


Well, Yeng got it on top again in the MYX votes in this music video affectionately longing for love. A true testament of her mass appeal.

3. Ikot-ikot (Sarah Geronimo)


Rising to the charts on the notion of love with no clear direction, Sarah puts her best foot forward like no lady diva can.

4. Pansamantala (Callalily)


A song about playing “panakip-butas”, this love ballad maydrive a stake into your heart, assuming you’re keeping one for a love going nowhere.

5. B.A.B.A.Y. (YengConstantino)


Ah, the ironies of saying goodbye and breaking up. Yeng turns the sad part into quite a comical act – with the bunny attire and all.

6. It Takes a Man and a Woman (Sarah Geronimo)


The song diva is definitely at her finest in this song, as she has been known for.

7. Discolamon (Banda niKleggy)


A new kid on the block, Banda niKleggy electrifies the music scene with this disco dance mix. With all the colorsand the lights, it is apparent this young group is gunning for the top spot. Lyrics reminds me of “Annie Batumbakal”.

8. HKM (Callalily)


The longing for someone who will no longer be there for you has been successfully captured in this power ballad.

9. Raspberry: Girl (Chicosci)


This young group has come a long way from their days in Ateneo and this MTV is the testament to that emerging musicality.

10. Buko (Jireh Lim)


This belong has conquered the airwaves for quite a long time since it broke into the public limelight. If you want a first-hand proof, just listen to children sing to the tune.

So, I hope this Top 10 has been helpful to you. Should you want to share your views, perhaps if you’re not that comfortable with the list, please drop me some lines. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you feel like it, please spread the word. Do justice tothis article by sharing it. Who knows? Dropping your long-lost buddies a line or two could once again rekindle the fire in your relationship.

The captains of the music industry may change, and its main draws come and go. But one thing remains: We, the people will always have the last say. Kapish!

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