Weirdest Pinoy Dishes

No doubt, this one’s for the strong-stomached – never the gutless. We’ve had our share of fastfood chains – Jolibee, MacDo or Pizza Hut or what have you. In contrast, the only fast in the foods we are about to show you is how fast a yuck will come out of your mouth. Or to top that: How fast you vomit, if given no choice but eat.

However, we guarantee you, folks, this is perfectly legit. We’re not out to poison you or anything. These foods are edible, and have been eaten for decades – if not centuries. What we can’t guarantee is if they’re delectable. As even their looks may not be that inviting. And there’s a plus side to this though. Philippines maybe a heavily Westernized country culture-wise. Yet, these delicacies stand out like a sore thumb, bring forth a distinctively Filipino taste. Something no other race in this green planet Earth can lay claim to.

Without further ado, the Top 10 most stomach-challenging food in the country today.

10. Soup No. 5/ Lanciao
Soup No. 5 Lanciao
Ugh. This food’s rumored to increase your prowess in bed. So, if you’re serious about getting more of the humps then go beyond what your eyes can see and start devouring the aphrodisiac, the sex organs of a male bull.

From: bull’s testes and penis

9. Sundot-Kulangot
Don’t let the name fool you. In English its equivalent is “poke a snot” or “pick a bogger”. But sans the nomenclature, this is just cotton candy Pinoy version.

From: Gelatinous rice or kalamay cooked with coco milk and brown sugar

8. Adidas
Crispy chicken nails or Adidas (referring to shoe brand) are a common treat in the Philippines. You can go the adobo way or put some soup in a sinigang. Street food has it on the run on barbeque grilled to your liking. Nail cutters anyone?

From: chicken feet

7. Balut
Fear not, this one’s tasty. But if you feel offended by the graphics, just put off the lights when you eat the young chick. Add some vinegar and salt. Don’t mind the feathers. They’re not supposed to be there. Just kidding.

From: eleven-day old (or more) chick boiled to perfection

6. Kamaru
To note, this one’s starting to freak me out. I wouldn’t eat these even if it’s the end of the world. The good news is this delicacy’s a proud concoction of the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. So, must be tasty. Have courage, will feed. Now you know why insects are biting you. You’re not eating them.

From: Crickets (rice field)

5. Pinikpikan
From the Cordilleras. Not so mean actually. Except for the fact that you have to slowly kill the chicken by repeatedly striking at it. Not too strong or you lose the taste. Just enough for slow death.

From: native chicken beaten to be eaten

4. Tuslob-buwa
Sounds Visayan and looks like a brain. And we’re spot on. This one’s straight from Pasil, Cebu. The name literally means “dipping bubble” because once the bubbles start appearing in the surface when you cook them then its chao time. No use throwing things you can still eat.

From: pork brain and liver

3. Lepeg
From the Mountain Province. Lepeg is the residue left when rice wine is made. Rice wine is actually cooked red rice (balatinaw) fermented in a jar for 20 days. The liquid part of this mixture is harvested leaving Lepeg which is then served with fresh chicken blood. You’ll not only need a strong stomach in this one, you have to have a strong nose as the fermentation will leave Lepeg odious.

From: fermented rice

2. Tamilok
If you want to take a real adventure in Palawan, you might as well ingest this one. Not like a burger in McDo though and actually far from it. But you’d be helping the environment when you digest these pests. Yes, you heard me right these are pests which bores into wooden structures.

From: Shipworm marinated in chili, onions, vinegar

1. Etag
Our grand winner is a true challenge to devour. No, you would not have to drop our jaws like a python trying to eat a deer whole. You won’t have that problem. Just think of eating ham, if you find the smell of this delicacy conquering the better you. This is actually ham, Sagada’s ham to be exact. And yes, those are worms. Food concoction’s from Cordillera.

From: It’s just pork complete with maggots as it’s stored in earthen jars for weeks

For the nitty gritty details, please drop by here.

Ok, folks, ladies and gentlemen of the hour, there you have it. Hope that did well. Knowing these foods is a first step you know, to eating them. Just kidding. Balut’s nice. I’m pretty sure of that.

Please send me your thoughts in the comments below. Most welcome and don’t forget to send your office buddy you’ve been critical of, a copy of this info-tainment right before she takes her lunch. Timing is everything, you know. Break a leg!

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