Top 10 Deadliest Places in the Phils

Those that hold the view that Philippines is a beautiful country may be putting things lightly. Philippines is not just beautiful place rather to put things in perspective, it is a very beautiful place. We even have our own Adam and Eve version, we call them “siMalakas at siMaganda”. But let’s not get over our heads. For whether you like it or not, Philippines can also be deadly.

Yes, it may not be the height of WWII, where the mantra’s kill or be killed and the whole nation’s suffering in the hands of the Japanese invaders. With not so lucky Filipino lives – numbering to the thousands – cut short via torture, gun, blade and whatever the enemy then feel most appropriate. Or it may not speak of the horrors of an earthquake, volcanic eruption or of aextremely violent storm. Yet, today, there are places in the Philippines that have spun seemingly countless tales of deaths – most of them needless. Yes, el terible. Indeed. And still counting.

Friends, Filipinos and countrymen, the Top 10 deadliest places that people have encountered right in the heart of our beloved motherland.

#10. Local Open Discos
Local Open Discos
Oh, this is classic. Where booze and women exist, men are bound to fight like hell. And local open discos are where machismo are worn on its highest display. Put in local gangs and unsettled scores and you have a powder keg waiting to explode. With many brawls and fights-over-nothing ending in violent ends. Unnecessart deaths. It is for this reason that many local barangays have done away with open discos altogether.

#9. Parties and Concerts
Parties and Concerts
Yes, same as #10 but this time more organized. Still the combination of booze and possibly drugs, the presence of throngs and throngs of women in a crowd are lethal. In concerts, when the audience gets rowdy, anything can happen! Must be the gonads of men and the thump of the music, but when things go rough, you’d be lucky if it’s just a fist fight. Bottles and chair could start flying, and before you know it, you’re running for your life!

#8. Ball Games
Ball Games
With opposing teams fighting FTW (for the win), emotions are high. Perhaps too high.Especially if it’s a tournament game. And it does not even matter if it’s basketball or football. Making matters worse are over-zealous fans who just would do anything to make the other side red in anger. A timely exchange of words and boom!

#7. Karaoke Bars
Karaoke Bars
Here’s another lethal mix. Again there’s booze. And women. This time it’s in front of songs. And you guess it right, that microphone is going to be the hottest item in the joint. Next is the choice of song. Frank Sinatra’s My Way is a concrete example. And when tempers rise, your life could be at stake.

#6. Flood Areas
Flood Areas
Diarrhea.Leptopsirosis.Dengue.Or scabies. Need we say more. If you don’t want to get yourself badly disadvantaged, get out of the water.

#5.Divisoria or Baclaran
Divisoria or Baclaran
Don’t mistake the sea of people as your protection. Among them hide thieves and criminals. Or a con man waiting for his next victim. You could find your bargain sale but you’ll have to be careful you’re not being cheated too.

#4. Taking the MRT/LRT
Taking the MRT and LRT
This is not for the faint-hearted. A crime-prone overcrowded area, indeed. All because most of the people are bent on taking a ride. Patiently waiting, unscrupulous individuals are all eyes on their target, your wallet or that iPad you’re carrying. On top of that, you will you have to make your way out of the sea of bodies pushing you, relentless in leaving you with half a seat – if at all.

#3. Slum Area
Slum Area
For the lawless underground, this is the breeding ground of crime. They say there are places in Tondothat not even the police dare not go, for instance. And for a reason. Not only will your health be challenged, you could easily end up at the receiving end of a stick-up with a knife pressed unto your body telling you what to do.

#2. Riding a Motorcycle
Riding a Motorcycle
Yes, welcome to the motorcycle revolution. With these vehicles offered in installment basis, the ride has been proliferating like mushrooms. Yet, the fastest way to get to your destination could also be the most dangerous. With unchecked speeds, riding a motorcycle could be putting your feet one step closer to doom. Like riding a coffin.

#1. Inside a Bus
Inside a Bus
Tado.The actor.Just recently.And hundreds more. R.I.P. Fell into the hands of cranky buses with even crankier drivers. One study wraps it neatly: The bus is the most unsafe of public utility vehicles in Metro Manila and other urban areas. It’s fast but the sad thing is it could be your last ride. Just look at recent headlines.

Should you want to take a closer look, please dive here.

Ok. Hope that went well. If it left a bad taste in your mouth, please pack your comments our way. We’d be glad to read them. And give you a piece of our mind.

Lastly, please join us in sharing this little bit of infotainment. Life is too short. True. But it need not be a waste.

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