Top 10 Most Explosive Movies Every Juan Need to Watch Out For in 2015

Finally, it’s but days and 2015 is upon us. Wow! Ain’t time fast? And with the New Year comes a set of new movies so wonderful many pundits have branded 2015 is the biggest movie year yet in the history of Planet Earth in general and Planet Philippines in particular.

Ladies and honorable gentlemen, without further ado, allow me to bring you 10 of the biggest movies to watch out for this 2015, the future blockbusters and trendsetters:
Most Explosive Movies Every Juan Need to Watch Out For in 2015
#10: James Bond 24
James Bond 24
With Daniel Craig at the lead role, Skyfall has certainly stretched the James Bond franchise to new heights with a 1-billion-dollar at the box-office. But many are critical of the British actor – even with his more realistic portrayals.

For starters, James Bond has increasingly become more violent, perhaps owe it to the success of the Bourne Identity movie. This time could be the biggest James Bond yet with Director Sam Mendes returning for his 24th installment and Craig his 4th ever. Plus, the beautiful Latina actress Penelope Cruz is rumored to appear as the new Bond girl. Now, where did Tom Cruise go, I wonder!

#9: Jurassic World
Jurassic World
Coming from a relatively successful run, the Jurassic franchise is one that millions are extremely excited about. And Jurassic hopes to even up the ante this time with its new developments.

Of course, the challenge has been greater since the very first Jurassic original franchise came out as that movie has yet to be outdone. With a lot of improvements in CGI and extremely-awesome special effects this flick is reeking with blockbuster aroma all over it.

#8: Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Now, here’s the other Marvel team sans the Avengers and X-Men. Yet, Fox may be walking in tight rope and it may have to wave a lot of magic as the 2005 movie may have bit off more than it could chew – and ended a little off-chart.
Well, if this is one will come out right, who knows? We could be seeing a bigger Marvel Universe pretty soon with Magneto and The Flame fighting side by side – if not each other!

#7: 50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey
Many call it a gamble as pundits claim the appeal of the book has already well, somehow went beyond its peak. And the studio could be risking it with this one.

The “mommy-porn” may leave a lot to be desired as surely fans who know the story expect scenes might be toned down for the general public. However, a powerhouse cast of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan may just be the flicker that will send everything to the highest heavens!

#6: Peanuts
Charlie Brown! Charlie Brown! Who would not be bewitched by Charles Schulz’s classic character? Though Mr. Brown and fave hairy pet Snoopy has not graced the big screen since 1980 this new offering is going to fantastic as it’s done in 3-D animation – much like Peter Jackson’s top-grossing Avatar.

To note, Peanuts has appeared in news dailies in 75 countries, definitely a tough act to match and with this new release studios are looking forward Charlie Brown and Co. will not be just some character name spit out by some Japanese in Kill Bill but a true global phenomenon.

#5: Superman vs Batman
Superman vs Batman
This time around Warner Bros. DC Comics could make it even better than Marvel! The title alone seems very catchy indeed. Targeted to be released in 2014 but slowed due to some schedule setbacks, this film will sure get every Juan’s attention come 2015.

Of course, we would not be surprised if the box-office would be ringing like there is no tomorrow because of this superhero match-up of a film. With two of the most famous superheroes beholden to Planet Earth at odds, that would be an eye-feast, more likely than not. If you haven’t noticed, this one has created the biggest buzz yet.

#4: Inside Out
Inside Out
Welcome to the mind of a 12-year-old girl! Here’s an offering from Disney-Pixar that’s bound to push the envelope in animated movies. For the first time ever this studio is going to release to films in one year, the other one The Good Dinosaur movie which have had some hiccups in production.

Of course, Pixar has never wavered in giving us something to cry “awesome” since the great company was conceptualized by legendary Steve Jobs. And this time could be its most ambitious project yet and could be as Earth-shaking as the powerful reptiles in its other flick as the production team opined – with heavy sweat on their brows.

#3:The Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Avengers Age of Ultron
Move over DC Comics. A personal favorite as my son is aching to watch this much-awaited sequel to the top-grossing action film of all time. And the good thing’s Joss Whedon, the director of the original is going to have a happy reunion in this film with his all-star cast.

Well, here’s another toast to Marvel! If Captain America, Thor and the ever-popular Iron Man can make it all on their own appearing in their own blockbusters, how much more as a trio of super-friends. Of course, we know this particular flick could show us the fight of their lives – thanks to the inventive prowess of Iron Man!

#2:The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2
The Hunger Games fans wait no more! Come 2015, you’re in for another ride of your life. Here, fans will get to witness right before their very eyes what happen to Katniss, Peeta and all the oppressed in the land of Panem.
Thanks to author Suzanne Collins, chances that a sequel is going to break your heart starts from zero to negative 10. And yes, we never get tired of watching Jennifer Lawrence!

#1: Star Wars: Episode VII
Star Wars Episode VII
Fears were ripe that Disney might be muddle things up when it acquired Lucasfilm, Star Wars’ progenitors, in 2012. But 2015 seems to be looking bright with this planned release.

Watch your battle-tested stars of yore led by the enterprising Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in tow. Experience a more mature Luke, Han and Princess Leia as the story picks up where Episode VI left off – some 30 years after.
Pundits are optimistic this is going to make the Star Wars Universe the center of our green planet pretty soon!

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