10 Idiot-proof Ways to Save Water this El Nino Season

According to a PAGASA memo issued on June 2015, 38 of the country’s provinces are experiencing dry spells of varying degrees, while 9 provinces are affected by a dry spell or drought that’s only likely to intensify or continue over the next few months.

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The lack or absence of rain in many parts of the Philippines only shows just how important it is to conserve water in any way possible. We’ve put together a set of 10 simple ways anyone can conserve water, beginning in their own homes.

1.Take Shorter Showers

Take Shorter Showers

Everyone likes a long, hot shower from to time, but with dam and reservoir levels continue to fall, you may want to hold back on your daily washing indulgence.

2. Recycle Shower Water
Recycle Shower Water
Try to put a bucket under the showerhead when you shower to collect water instead of letting it go down the drain. You can then use the water for flushing the toilet, washing your car, or watering your plants.

3. Use the Old Pail and Bucket
Use the Old Pail and Bucket
If you really want to ration your water carefully, fill up a pail of water for your showers—with a matching bucket of course. Unlike showers with a traditional showerhead, the ol’ pail and bucket strategy allows you to limit your water use to just one pail, maybe even less.

4. Check your Plumbing for Leaks
Check your Plumbing for Leaks
Give your plumbing a thorough run through to check for any leaks. This won’t only save you several liters of water, it will also help to lower your water bill.

5. Collect Rainwater
Collect Rainwater
Despite the presence of El Nino, it’s not unusual for the occasional isolated thunderstorm to bring short periods of rain. You can place buckets outside your home beneath gutters to collect water and use it to water plants and flush toilets.

6. Fill your Sink with Water
Fill your Sink with Water
Fill your sink with water instead of using the water directly from the faucet when washing dishes. Similar to the pail and bucket method, this strategy allows you to ration your water and use it more wisely.

7. Shut the Water and Use a Glass when Brushing

Filling up a glass of water in the kitchen sink. Blue background

It’s wasteful to keep the water running while you brush your teeth. Use a glass and fill it up with water for rinsing and wetting your toothbrush.

8. Wash Large Batches of Clothes at a Time
Wash Large Batches of Clothes at a Time
Instead of washing clothes daily or every few days using a washing machine and dryer, do it once every week or two weeks to maximize your water use. Moreover, this helps save energy, as the washing machine doesn’t care if it’s 2 clothes items or 20—it’s using the same amount of power when switched on.

9. Use a Pail of Water to Wash your Car
Use a Pail of Water to Wash your Car
You have to be smarter and more restrictive when washing your car. Instead of using running water from a hose, use a pail of soapy water and a sponge to do the job. It’ll be slower, but it will also save you water.

10. Water your Lawn only when Necessary
Water your Lawn only when Necessary
Although Filipino homes aren’t big on lawns, if you do have one, only water it when necessary. A good rule of thumb is to water your grass only when it stays flat after stepping on it. Healthy and hydrated grass normally springs back up.

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