10 Signs You’re a Peenoise Gamer

Meet the Pinoy, Peenoise, or Peenoisy gamer, a notorious breed of online gamer known for running their mouths and talking trash on Dota 2’s Southeast Asian servers. In fact, we’ve earned such a bad rep for our rude demeanor that there have been petitions to ban Filipinos from Dota 2 servers.

Still, it’s not all bad—more like a mix of good along with terrible. Love it or hate it, below are some traits of the typical Pinoy gamer.
Here are 10 signs you’re a Peenoise gamer.

1. Your Trash Talk Involves Someone Else’s Mother

“P***ng ina mo” or “t*ng ina mo” are words you probably hold dear in your gaming vocabulary. It’s like a reflex that kicks in whenever you a) kill someone b) die c) respond to trash talk.

2. “Bobo!” and “Ulul!”

You have to hand it to the Filipino language—we’ve plenty of words that mean the same thing: stupid. Admit it. You’ve typed these words in-game more than a handful of times through your gaming life.

3. You Probably Spell Like a Jejemon
You Probably Spell Like a Jejemon
Let’s face it, it’s likely that you’ve run across a Pinoy player typing “eOw pOh! jEjEjE” when playing Dota 2 or League of Legends.
I don’t even know why or how people type in different caps. It’s a mystery only the Jejemon gamers will know.

4. You Spend Gaming Time at an Internet Café
You Spend Gaming Time at an Internet Café
The majority of underage peenoise gamers can be found haunting Internet cafes and pisonet joints. It’s here where they brush up on their curse words and ‘swag.’

5. It’s Never your Fault

Several peenoise gamers blame others for their mistakes in the game. Just observe a typical Dota or LoL match at your nearest Internet café. The losing side will probably make excuses for their loss, blaming it on their teammates, on alleged cheating, sometimes even on the President. Yes indeed! It’s always Pnoy’s fault!

6. You Talk too Much
You Talk too Much
There’s a reason why there are petitions to ban Filipino gamers on the DotA 2 SEA Server. The majority of players tend to talk more than play in a rude manner, giving them the moniker the “Russians of SEA Dota.” If I’m Russian and know this, I’d probably kill myself in the nearest Russian roulette joint out of shame.

7. Alodia Gosengfiao is your Dream Bae
Alodia Gosengfiao is your Dream Bae
Any Filipino who’s into cosplaying and video gaming knows Alodia Gosengfiao—easily the most popular name in the local gaming and cosplay scene.

8. You Know who Tryke, Lon, and Bianca Yao Are
You Know who Tryke, Lon, and Bianca Yao Are
You know who the 3 biggest names in the world of local shoutcasting are by heart, and, willingly or unwillingly, laugh at their wisecracks.

9. You Still Play DotA
You Still Play DotA
And there’s absolutely wrong nothing with playing the first DotA. The Internet in this country being in such a sorry and laggy state that it’s in, it’s no small wonder why gamers still like playing the original LAN-based DotA. In fact, the world would be a better place if multiplayer games reverted to being LAN-based. Oh God! I can still remember all them days playing Gondar or Riki and Furion just teleports to wherever you are hiding and dusts your gay hiding a$$ to oblivion! Good job to all map hackers!

10. You Have a Soft Spot for Counter Strike
You Have a Soft Spot for Counter Strike
Any serious Pinoy gamer older than 25 will have played Counter-Strike, and probably it’s modern sibling Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Lucky for us we’re millions in numbers so game servers will have a hard time deciding to ban this much number else they lose with us.

With all that said, are you one of them? Oh wait, are you one of us?!


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5 Responses

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  1. noob ownage says:

    I just love watching noob trashtalkers who type SLOOOW. It’s the funniest thing! Their heroes won’t move on the lane because they are so busy looking at the keyboard trying to trash! funniest thing grabi!

  2. MC ADDICT says:

    Even though im not a dota player I still talk trash!Well….also,everything thats listed in this top ten is..ALMOST WHAT I DO!

    • TopTen.ph says:

      At least your smart enough to know your talking trash MC! Unfortunately for the most of peenoise gamers, they are too dumb to know they are just moving gold in the games they are playing! lol

  3. Magnitude 11 says:

    Is there another side to this? Cause I actually dont qualify for being one. Here’s why:

    1.I am bad at trashtalks
    Yes. Even a grown college dude cant utter these in full valiance. Only a few mild mannered ones can be approved by my brain namely “leche” “punyeta” “bwisit” and “tarantado”.

    2. I loathe “Jejemon”
    Nuff said 😀

    3. I am an avid laptop gamer
    I spent so many on figuring out the best laptop formula for gaming. I actually loathe them internet cafes. I have traumatic experiences there

    4. I am the Duke of Apologies
    Before we even lose the Ancients I already had like a dozen “sorries” typed both on team and global chats.

    5. Who in Luna’s cap are these shoutcast personalities?
    Yes, you might say I live in a cave for not knowing these guys.

    6. My dream bae aint Alodia
    Yes. It aint her. She’s a Russian I actually met on a ranked match. And the rest is a sad history.

  4. xanzus0112 says:

    I’m Filipino also gamer we curse or swear because our teammates in other countries they don’t cooperate us so we swear all time when they ain’t cooperate us.. so to all who hates the Filipino gamers ya all stupid to understand that were trying cooperate or communicate to foreign teammates thats all

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