Top ten tips when traveling with children

Summer has finally started, school’s almost over and kids are looking forward to the little out-of-town trips that the family takes during the summertime. Some may think that traveling with children can be a hassle, let’s help you out a little.

For a trouble-free family vacation when traveling with children it’s essential to pay attention to their needs and balance their activities with their rest time. When your kids get bored and exhausted, they easily become frustrated and so cranky.
Read on for some tips when you decide to take the kids with you and not let them miss out on all the fun!

Decide on Travel Preferences
Spend some time to have a sit down with the whole family. Include the kids and have a discussion of each of your ideas and interests on the trip you’re about to take on. Trips become memorable when each member of the family get to experience something they love or have always wanted to try on. Decide together which your next destination’s going to be.

Pick a Kid-Friendly Location
When choosing where to stay on a trip, opt for a safe travel location that’s close to local attractions, places to eat, the beach and maybe also the park.  Find a child-friendly hotel that’s within walking distance, so you can save time and money; also so the kids won’t get bored easily.

Consider Renting an Apartment
Some hotel rooms aren’t built for families with young kids. Usually rooms don’t have their own fridge or microwave and walls are too thin the neighbors can hear their cries. However with an apartment, you’ll get a bigger space, thicker walls, a kitchen, laundry area and separate bedrooms. When planning a long stay with the whole family, these extra facilities can make the trip easier.

Take It Slow
Usually when traveling solo or as a couple, we tend to want to do all the fun and catch that adrenaline-rush. But when traveling with children, organize a trip that’s slow and easy. Be sensible about what you can see and do together as a family. Don’t try to put too much in your itinerary. The lesser the places you have to see, the more enjoyable and stress-free the trip will be for everyone.

Check for Family Deals
Some hotels and resorts offer family deals – children up to 4 years old (i.e.) can stay for free in the room, with no additional cost. Does the place you’re staying in have a pool or game amenities? Children love both of these choices especially when the pool has a slide. Does the hotel have cable and channels like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel? Also check if the place has a restaurant or room service and if they have a kids’ menu.

Bring Only the Essentials
Don’t over pack for a trip and only take with you the essentials – perhaps your swimwear, sun block & after sun lotions, toiletries and a few changes of clothes. You can always buy what you need in your destination. Encourage the kids to help and pack their own clothes to minimize complaints and also for them to learn travel skills.

Do the Free Stuff
Surely there are many things the family can see and enjoy on the little holiday trip that’s absolutely free! Catch a beautiful sunset, take walks or ride bikes, swim at the beach or lake and or climb a mountain all together. It’s best to do your research first on the family destination before reserving anything.

Bring Some Comforts from Home
Ask the kids to take with them a few home comforts – maybe a favorite stuffed toy, a favorite book or a favorite dinosaur. These can be a life saver on trips, whether you’re taking the plane or a long road trip ahead.

Capture Your Travel Memories
Take lots and lots of photos! Capture the beautiful moments spent with the kids, especially when they’re still younger. You can also consider handing the camera to your little one and let him or her take photos of the things he or she likes. It’s a good way to find out the things that fascinate these little ones.

Lastly, Be Patient with the Kids
Remember you were a child once upon a time. Try to put yourself in their shoes and have more patience with them when traveling. Try to remember how you liked to travel and be treated when you were younger.

Let us know if you find these tips good and helpful for your next family trip!

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