PHILIPPINE PRIDE: Cordillera Choral Group championed the 8th Bali International Choir Festival

Music has obviously evolved through the years. And while it’s important to keep oneself abreast with the latest on-going in the music industry, it is also but proper to rekindle the music of our own culture – to appreciate and support the preservation of our culture, our identity.


Last July 23 – 29, the choral group from La Trinidad, Benguetbagged the gold medal in the Teenagers category and in the Level 4 Championship Qualifier in the International Choir Festival held in Bali, Indonesia.Cordillera Regional Science High Schoolgarnered a total of 81.65 points in the Folkloric Championship round which enabled them to earn another gold medal from the said competition.The CRSHS Glee Club is the very first High School from the Cordilleras that represented the Philippines in this international choral tilt.

This choral festival was founded by Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra in July 2000 with a strong goal of building the choral culture of Indonesia and of the world. Bali International Choir Festival is one of the finest festival in the world participated by outstanding choir groups in the world.  Aside from the high standards quality of choir competition, this festival also provides educational activities and clinics in order to better develop the performance of all participating choir members through friendship and collaborative concerts. The competition is divided into 16 categorieschildren’s choir, teenager’s choir, mixed youth, senior youth, male, female, musica sacra, gospel and spiritual, music of religions, pop and jazz, folklore,            scenic folklore, a-capella, vocal group, and show choir – and judged by 16 internationally acclaimed choir experts.Aside from children and teenagers, choirs from various institutions were also joined this said event – like choral communities, schools, and churches.

On its 8th year, Bali International Choir Festival included concerts, seminars, workshops, choral music camps, music collaboration, symposiums, and choral clinics and competitions on their activities so as to engage more the participation of the choir groups from 10 countries around the world and 26 provinces from Indonesia.

Through the workshops and concerts held in the seven-day program, singers and conductors are able to gain more experience and build skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to develop the camaraderie, harmony, and performance of the respective choir group.


Despite the lack of local and international choral competition experience of CRSHS Glee Club, the group emerged victorious and showed to the world the unique and indigenous culture of the Philippines. Truly, a Filipino pride!

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