UNSUNG HERO: Filipina Teacher bravely crosses 5 rivers, walks for 2 hours to get to school

It’s easy to come up with excuses to not go to school. It’s easy to skip classes when you don’t like your teachers and classmates. It’s easy to label teachers those horrendous names that you creatively come up. But when you live in this mountainous area of Occidental Mindoro, you’d surely won’t miss class knowing the struggles of your teacher.

Source: GMA Network/Front Row

Elizabeth Miranda is no ordinary breed of teacher. She spends two to three hours climbing four mountains and crossing five rivers in order to get to her students. She does all these death-defying students – of riding a timbulan (salbabida), going against the strong current of the river, and passing through gigantic boulders – in hopes that her sacrifices would create ripples of change in that remote community in Sitio Barogante, Occidental Mindoro.

Compared to the concrete buildings that make up the schools in the city, Miranda teaches in a small hut that lacks the convenience and materials necessary for teaching. Sometimes, the children on her school sometimes comes to class barefooted and hungry. But what truly encourages her to continue what she has started is the fact that the students in the community are very much interested and happy to be learning from their only teacher. She remains positive that soon enough, the government would be able to help her in her mission by building a bridge or better school for the young children.

If this teacher can bravely face the dangers of the river, how about you? What’s your legit reason of not coming to school?

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