2 Philippine Beaches made it to CNN’s Best Beaches in the World

With CNN’s newest feature “A Year at the Beach”, two of Philippine’s most beautiful islands are once again chosen as best spots to enjoy the salty breeze, warm sand, and infinite number of activities done over the turquoise horizon. Because there so many wonderful beaches around the world, CNN decided to spend the whole year getting to know all these beaches by featuring them every week for the whole year. Through this, people will get to see various types of shorelines and wonders of natures all through the year.

Philippines Beaches that made it to CNN’s Best Beaches in the World

Among the thousands of beaches around the world, here are the two beaches in the Philippines that were included in their beach map as best beach-getaways:

El Nido, Palawan

For the month of January, El Nido, Palawan was chosen to spearhead the list of beautiful beaches for this year. El Nido is known for its fine white beaches and crystal clear waters. It is often flocked by tourists because of the numerous sites that can be visited through the islandhopping activities done in this part of Palawan – like visiting the striking Helicopter Island, the secret beach of Matinloc Island which is known for its sky-high karst walls, and Vigan Island (or Isle of the Serpent) which is a paradise known for its snakelike sandbar that truly looks like a snake. Aside from this, El Nido is also a perfect destination for explorers and adventurers as it provides a perfect venue for freediving, scuba diving, trekking, kayaking, and rock climbing.

Puka Beach, Boracay

With a tropical nirvana such of Boracay, it is of no wonder why it was strategically designated to be featured for the month of March. No debates needed, summer is best spent in this island. But with so many people flocking on this tiny island, spending time on its fine, white sand beach can truly be disheartening. Well, except if you stay at Puka Beach.

Unlike the other beaches in Boracay, Puka Beach was able to maintain its homey island vibes. It may not have the powder-fine sand quality of the regular Boracay beach, but its refreshing clear waters and shells-and-corals-scattered shores make it a perfect place to stay on. It is not as commercialized as the other beaches; hence, guests can truly enjoy relaxing moments with the sound of the waves and the gentle warm breeze of the sea.

To what beaches are you headed this summer? Are these two on your list? Find out why CNN chose them! Plan you trips with family and barkada now!

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