Don’t just hear it, see it. This is the power of music videos,transporting you to another dimension in a snap of a finger. Must be the reason why Zumba has become this Pinoy generation’s best bet to lose belly fat. Or in the local tongue, “bilbils”.

In the Pearl of the Orient, nobody can contest: Music videos rule! And a song’s incomplete, no matter thecharts, without a music video giving it justice. Come to think of it, if there was the fastest way to import western culture (e.g., dress, hairstyle, attitude), it would have to be  via the medium, combined with the power of the internet, of course. How do you think the South Korean rapper a.k.a. Psy became a global icon? And immensely rich, too.

So without further ado, here are the music videos most sought-after by Filipinos in 2013 based on requests:

YouTube Top 2013 Viral Music Videos

1. Gentleman’s M/V (Psy)


Once is never enough. Fresh from the success of hisYouTube video, Gung-Nam, his ultimate global hit and cash cow, Psy is at it again. And Filipinos were all eyes and ears.

2. Roar (Katy Perry)


A truly inspiring song which brings to the fore inner strength and bravado. Nice touch Katy Perry. This cut  somehow reminds me of the “Eye of the Tiger” beat.

3. Lord Patawad (Bassilyo)


The video has gone viral, thanks to great lyrics and the right message, not without a lot of skin and sexy ladiesthough. Cutting through the vices of society, the mass appeal of the iconic rap artist Bassilyo in this rendition is simply flawless.

4. Just Give Me a Reason (Pink)


This song has become such a hit, local artists have with delight done their own version of the song in the local language. Pink may blush after hearing her original rehashed.

5. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)


A huge gamble, which paid well, for the used-to-be teeny weeny Miley Cyrus.Though not many mothers are too happy about it.

6. MagkabilangMundo (Jireh Lim)


The video’s cut to Filipino taste and could also be a fitting tribute to tragedy-struck late comedian Tado who appearsin the short flick with all smiles and naughtiness as he is famous for.

7. Dove Real Beauty Sketches


This one may not be considered a Music Video altogether as this is not something you can dance or sing to but since it has topped in YouTube consistently, it got the spot.

8. Buko (Jireh Lim)


This one’s brought the guitar-loving Jireh to the forefront of the music industry. And many fans love him for it.

9. Nasa ‘YonaAngLahat (Daniel Padilla)


No explanations needed here. Daniel Padilla has become this generation’s icon dominating the nightly telenovelasand making Filipinas young and not so young  fall in love with his singing.

10. Gentleman (WaveYa’s remix)


Well, this gyrating Korean ladies are sure to give youthe goosebumps. Seems this one has been specifically tailored, with a beat somehow slower than the original Psy dance hit. Best for showing those big fat booty, Korean style.

Now, for those true blue Pinoy loyalist and would want music videos strictly made by local talent, stepping up the gas on the P-Pop movement (whoever coined the word). I don’t want to break your heart, as a true blue Pinoy myself. So here goes:




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