Top Ten Big Four Beauty Pageant Title Holders in the Philippines

Our country may be small and is still developing, but when it comes to beauties, it is no secret that Filipinos are gifted. If not winners, a lot of our representatives have been top placers in these four major beauty competitions: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

Due to limited space, I will just name the title holders, but of course, all of them have amazing beauties and will always be winners in the hearts of many Filipinos. These are not ranked according to physique, talent, nor intelligence, but solely based on the years the title had been won.

10. Gemma Teresa Cruz – Miss International 1964

The first Filipino and the first Asian beauty to win on a major Pageant.

9. Gloria María Diaz – Miss Universe 1969

Shortly after the competition, it was in that same year that one of the most controversial thing happened in history. With the much anticipated moon landing, it was amazing how Gloria Diaz still got the limelight of that sweet crown. Until now, she still remains a great role model.

8. Aurora Pijuan – Miss International 1970

Tony Paat

Tony Paat

Just six years after Gemma Teresa Cruz bagged the crown, Aurora Pijuan gave another reason for the country to celebrate for winning the Miss International’s second crown.

7. Maria Margarita Moran – Miss Universe 1973

Hailed second for the universe, to prove the Filipino’s charm, wit and beauty.

6. Mimilanie Marquez – Miss International 1979

At a tender age of 15, she became a renowned beauty by her winning in this major pageant held in Japan.

5. Precious Lara Quigaman – Miss International 2005

After 2 decades of hibernation, the momentum is back as Precious Lara sets the momentum for winning in 2005.

4. Karla Paula Henry – Miss Earth 2008

Drums were now rolling as the Philippines now possessed the first crown from one of the Big 4 Pageants, the Miss Earth. One more to go and the Philippines reigns with 4 titles on these major competitions.

3. Megan Lynne Young – Miss World 2013

She did it! She grabbed the first Philippine winning for the Miss World crown! She’s not just a beauty sensation, but she also added the Philippines beauty history.

2. Bea Rose Santiago – Miss International 2013

2013 sure was a mixture of the good and bad, but let’s stick with the good. Because this is not just another crown the Philippines had won, but we possess three! Mutya Datul became Miss Supranational 2013 on September last year, for the third crown, in a row!

1. All of our candidates!

For letting the world know about the Philippines, for representing the country’s charm and beauty, truly all the candidates deserve to be number one. In the coming years, top ten will not be enough, as it is even not enough in the year 1980 alone.

Any feedback is welcome, kindly share and let your friends be proud of their beauty as much as you did after knowing how beautiful Filipinos really are.

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