Diseases Killing Pinoys the Most

Life is short, but in a country where there is so much poverty and lack of sufficient and affordable medical facilities, life is so much shorter. The life expectancy in the Philippines is 65.35 for male and 72.24 for female, bringing total life expectancy of 68.71 as of 2013.

Diseases Killing Pinoys the Most

1. Cardiovascular Diseases – Kills 466 Daily
Cardiovascular Diseases
Diseases of the heart are the top causes of mortality in the Philippines. In 2009, various cardiovascular diseases caused 100,908 deaths out of 480,820 total deaths or 21.0%.

A local news portal revealed that 276 Pinoys die of heart disease every day. Heart disease or coronary artery disease (CAD) is a type of cardiovascular disease characterized by the narrowing of the arteries, making it hard for blood to flow into the heart, causing the heart muscle to ache, and leading to shortness of breath and chest pain.

2. Cerebrovascular Diseases – Kills 160 Daily

human brain

Cerebrovascular diseases include all conditions that affects circulation of the blood to the brain. Stroke is a cerebrovascular disease, a medical emergency that kills 160 Pinoys every day. It occurs when the arteries supplying blood to the brain become blocked or ruptured causing the brain cells to die.

3. Malignant Neoplasm or Cancer – Kills 131 Daily
Malignant Neoplasm
Cancer is the third leading cause of death among Filipinos, killing 131 people every day. A malignant neoplasm is a group of abnormal cells that multiply very quickly, and potentially invade the patient’s system and metastasize. Of all types of cancer, breast cancer is most common type in the Philippines.

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4. Pneumonia – Kills 117 Daily
Pneumonia used to be the top killer disease in the Philippines since 1980s to 1990s. Today, it remains a deadly condition, killing more than 100 Pinoys every day. Pneumonia is a lung infection caused by caused by fungi, bacteria or virus, and characterized by hard cough, fever, and breathing difficulty. Vaccine is available to help prevent a person from contracting the disease.

5. Tuberculosis (TB) – Kills 70 Daily
The Manila Times reported that tuberculosis or TB kills 63 Filipinos every day http://www.manilatimes.net/tb-kills-63-pinoys-every-day/84830/, but this is quite a modest estimate. According to Philippine statistics, TB actually kills up to 70 people every day.

We’ve also reported about this deadly disease in our Top 10 Most Contagious Diseases in the Philippines, with TB at #3.

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6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) – Kills 62 Daily
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
COPD, a progressive condition that affects a person’s breathing, is mainly caused by smoking. According to local news, smoking actually kills 10 Pinoys every hour or 240 ever day.

A person with COPD exhibits coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulty, and tightness of chest among other symptoms. Aside from smoking, exposure to lung irritants such as air pollution, harmful fumes and dust cause COPD.

7. Diabetes – Kills 61 Daily

Stethoscope on hand holding white sugar. Diabetes concept.

Diabetes may be hereditary, but it’s likewise a lifestyle or metabolic disease. People with unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are at risk of developing the disease. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is characterized by abnormally high levels of sugar or glucose in the blood, either due to the inadequate production of insulin or the inadequate response of the cells to insulin. Diabetics often feel like urinating, drinking and eating most of the time. It is a long-term yet treatable disease.

8. Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Neprosis – Kills 38 Daily
Kidney failure or problem is another leading cause of death among Pinoys. People with nephritic syndrome show protein in the urine, low protein levels in the blood, high cholesterol levels, and high triglyceride levels. Sometimes, kidney failure results from other equally fatal conditions like cancer, diabetes, and infections.

9. Perinatal Conditions – Kills 32 Daily
Perinatal Conditions
Perinatal is the period immediately before and after birth of a baby, starting at the 20th week of gestation and ends on the 4th week after delivery. Perinatal conditions refer to the various conditions that affect the baby’s health.

10. Diarrhea – Kills 28 Daily
Based on a September 2008 report, diarrhea has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 Filipino children over the course of 7 years.

Shortage in supply of clean water and exposure to unclean food contribute to the horrible death toll involving young Pinoys. Since last year, there were several cases of diarrhea outbreaks in various parts of the country including:

a.    Zamboanga City with 65 kids dead. Source: Here

b.    North Cotabato with 7 dead, 100+ affected. Source: Here

c.     Catanduanes with 18 dead. Source: Here

Diarrhea is a metabolic infection caused by bacteria, parasite or virus, and highly contagious. The best defense against the disease is proper sanitation.

NOTE: The above list is largely based on the Philippines Statistics Authority Report, DEATHS: Philippines 2009, released on July 4, 2012. A copy of which may be viewed online Here

As you can see most of the diseases listed here are preventable through living a healthy, happy life. Do you find this list helpful and accurate? If so, feel free to spread this informative list to your friends and loved ones by clicking the share buttons below.

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