Top 10 Suggested Running Mates For Miriam Defensor Santiago For The Presidency

If there was one politician who would be a real defender of the people, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago would give every other candidate a run for their money. Must be the reason for the Defensor in her name. And the San which in Latin means saint.

One thing’s for sure you can’t bully this lawmaker to submission. In all the historic battles that she has been caught in national TV you can’t fault this feisty senator for lack of intelligence. Moreso, for lack of courage. Fact is, where courage and intelligence were a lady’s foremost quality to be considered beautiful, this lady senator would stand to be one of the most beautiful worldwide – leaving many beauty titlists eating dust. And with such a distinguished career, it’s but fitting she’d become the most powerful person in the land. Certainly, possible. However, finding her running-mate may be a bit tricky.
Suggested Running Mates For Miriam Defensor Santiago For The Presidency
Ladies and gentlemen, every Juan, here’s a good look at 10 of the most viable VP candidate for our most brilliant Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago should she pursue the presidency in 2016 national elections.

#10:Geena Rocero
Geena Rocero
Well, if you don’t know Geena Rocero that’s because you haven’t been watching YouTube lately straight into who’s who in TED TALKS world. Brave, beautiful and tall she would be the perfect beauty that will compliment the “fire and lightning” of the dear senator.

Just for a little detail which judging by how futuristic our fiery senator is, should not be a problem. Aside from being beautiful Geena Rocero spent 12 years as a swimsuit model, and is also the founder of Gender Proud. You see on March 31, 2014 Geena came out as a transgender. Oh shocks!

#9: Willie Revillame
Willie Revillame
A great match. A super-comedian and a super-serious lawmaker. Should be a seamless match. If not for a fact that Willie may be a little cashless these days as rumors has it he will be jobless soon – if he haven’t already. On 2nd thought, I suppose all those moneys he dangled in front of the poor during his “WOWOWIE” days are still there. And if elected I bet Wowowillie as VP would have a big show where he’d be out handing moneys to the poor in one gigantic show. At least once a year. Start the stampede!

But on hindsight, on the parameter of fame Vice Ganda may be a little more enticing.

#8: Governor Vilma Santos
Governor Vilma Santos
A perfect fit. Sounds like you have “The Beauty and the Beast”. Though just to clarify, Senator Santiago is not without charms. What I want to be unequivocal about is her true-to-form, no-nonsense nature. A lawmaker who would fight to the end for what she thinks is right.

Well, Ate V is already proving her worth with an office bus in tow. A little spelling correction should be a perfect match for the impeccable English of dear lady senator.

#7: Senator Pia Cayetano
Senator Pia Cayetano
Another fiery woman with a lean towards sports. Imagine what a country it would be run by two lawyers, two intellectuals. Remember how these two lady senators gave an impassioned speech during the RH Bill deliberations.

They sure have a common ground – not to mention a common enemy. But you know when two highly-intelligent women are on top, friction may be inevitable. Well, as women they could always settle it over a feisty lady brawl complete with all the hair-pulling.

#6: Teddy Boy Locsin
Teddy Boy Locsin
Should Senator Santiago be unable to convince Mayor Duterte to raise that middle finger against (not at her) scalawags in public service, then the great congressman-columnist Teddy Boy Locsin should be able to raise a one-finger salute to the heathens. Already, you can see Locsin’s sword-like wit and amazing braves should fit the tandem to a T.

Not to mention great looks! A smiling face beside the almost-always-angry senator bent on changing Planet Philippines – for the better, I hope.

#5: COA Chairperson Grace Pulido-Tan
COA Chairperson Grace Pulido-Tan
Well, here’s another lady whose got a no-nonsense attitude towards work. The number-crunching ability should play a nice touch to the legalistic nature of Senator Santiago.

Added to this is the fact that Chairperson Grace returned a PhP65.1 million worth of DAP funds recently saying it was unconstitutional. Two women on top should be a first in Las Islas, or in the world for that matter. Now, these should scare the big-time crooks in the islands – Napoles including.

#4:Danton Remoto
Danton Remoto
Well, if not Geena Rocero, perhaps it’s high time we get truly serious about LGBT issues. Of course, Danton’s name has been floating around since the 2009 senatorial election but the teacher in Ateneo opted to stick it out with his AngLadlad party-list.

And as head of news research for TV5, Remoto should provide timely intelligence for a national campaign – not to mention highly-credible speeches. With University of the Philippines students right at their backs, that should not be a problem.

#3:Risa Hontiveros
Risa Hontiveros
She may have lost a few battles along the way – unable to grab the lead in the latest two races to the senate – but that definitely does not make her a loser, identified mainly as an activist of sorts. And with a wonderful smile and a pretty face to boot, that should make the pairing a match in heaven. And yes, if we remember correctly the ex-congresswoman was endorsed by Senator Santiago on national TV during the trial of Chief Justice Corona as one of her “staunchest ally” in the RH Bill fight.

Though, two women snapping their uni-color cloths on TV might make a catchy ad.

2: Teddy Casino
Teddy Casino
As a steadfast representative of the poor and the oppressed, the ex-party-list congressman would be a prized catch for Senator Santiago. This guy has the charisma of an honest-to-goodness servant of the people though his leftist leanings might stand in the way. Come to think of it, that may play well with the current stand-off with Communist China – if that giant has time to listen.

#1: Manny Pacquiao
Why not? Already the most popular athlete in town – if not the most popular Pinoy in the whole world, the riches of Pacquiao would certainly constitute to a much-stronger political machinery – granting Jinky can’t help it. And yes, Pacquiao is already a congressman so it’s not like an FPJ thing, from voter to presidency.

That’s assuming Pacquiao will still have time as he is already torn between boxing and basketball – not to mention his pastors and AlingDionisia.

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