Best Places You Didn’t Know You Can End Up with a Pinay Hottie

For any bachelor and bachelor wannabes, the year 2015 may be your best year yet. In finding your special someone.
Well, certainly there are a lot of fishes in the ocean. That if you know where to find them. And you are willing to fish them out. Looking at the list here only shows that any situation can be most beneficial to you. And that you can land your special someone. If you just play your cards right. It takes no Derick Ramsay or Piolo Pascual to attract them to you. Just the right moves. And a lot of heart. No, definitely not Heart Evangelista, unless your wanting a senator as your next foe.
Most Surprising Places to Pick Up Women
Gentlemen, we’ve squeezed our brains out to give you and show you some of the most opportune places to pick women. Lest you forget, the beautiful (whatever that means) belongs only to the brave.

No, don’t read us wrong. LTO or Land Transportation Office is where you get a lot of ladies waiting for things to happen. For hours on end. Must be a powder keg waiting to happen. But think again, the place is exactly the perfect place to win a hottie.

The endless complaints about the incompetence of LTO workers is a good breeding ground to start a conversation. Just make sure you tread lightly as you could have a hot headed woman turn her ire on you. Poor you!

#9: Airplanes
Ahh airplanes! Think about the possibilities. A hot chick is seated next to you and for the next couple hours would be planted in that seat. The more bored she is the better. So you can wave your magic wand and get her adrenaline rush going.

Just watch your mouth. As one bad conversation can turn your whole 12 hours on flight a living nightmare. And there is no way you can change seat too.

#8: Department Store
Department Store
As long as the store of niceties serve both sexes, you are good to go. And the best place to start is at the dressing room. No, we are not suggesting you go creepy and follow a lady around like a Captain America looking for his shield. What we are saying is you should be coming out of that changing room with your best clothes on and ask her for her opinion. She may even help you pick up a better shirt or two.

And if she’s wanting an item you happen to want, give it to her. No woman will think you are being ungentlemanly that way.

#7: Disco
The competition may be tough but where booze is plenty people tend to be more aggressive. Men became impatient causing them to commit major blunders. Women on the other hand tend to be more talkative with all the circus going on. Make your move. Just don’t overdo it. Engage in normal conversation about regular stuff and her number will more likely fall into your lap from the heaven’s above.

#6: Gay Bar
Gay Bar
Haha! You certainly did not expect this one. But before you get your strong react button up, hear ye. Gay bars are most opportune for you only because you would be more likely than not be the only alpha male around. Yes, no competition whatsoever. As most males would shun the idea of getting into a gay bar. With all the women at your disposal this might be the best flirt-free night of your life.

#5: Sporting Event
Sporting Event
Well, sharing your passion for her athletic team is definitely earning you the right POGI points. A high 5 and a victory hug will surely eliminate a lot of physical barriers. Just pray the team you are wooing for together wins, or she might think of you as a bad luck charm at the end of the day.

#4: The Supermarket
The Supermarket
You may find it funny but all the melons and grocery stores are to a large degree unappreciated sources of ladies to get acquainted with. If you don’t know how to get started, just ask a lady where to get spinach, an ingredient you want to have for the concoction you are cooking for your mom. Wow! You have introduced your very soul to her in a jiffy.

#3: Hospitals
Again, you may detest the thought of it. But hospitals are emotional sponges where the most wounded of souls seek physical healing. Think how easy it could be to earn the pity of a fellow patient or for that matter a nurse who is paid to give you the sympathy you need. Right? In the word “care”.

No offense to Ayalas but any single woman coming to the biggest Man Cave in the whole of Las Islas is to a large extent looking to bring home a man – just kidding, or at the very least expect to come in direct contact to a male specie.

You can start in where they sell tools. Most women would be happy to have someone show them what driver to buy with what bit. And over time, you can proceed to show her your drilling skills. Wow! What a start.

Or you can hang out in the paint section where you can adviser her on what color fits best. Just make sure you get along with the sales clerks as they may think you are poaching on their territory.

#1: Funerals
Before you label me insensitive, know that it is the emotional connection to women that wins them to your arena. Of course, you may have to shed a tear or two but don’t look now as those tears could be the exact lubricant to get you in her heart.

And need I say, black can make you slim and attractive too. The good thing is the lady would more likely not wear make up which makes it better for you as you would know how her face would look in the morning.

Yup, hope that latest 10 went well with you, homie. If not, give us your shout-out in the Comments Section below. And should you want to push some buttons, push the Quick Share ones below. That way you get to give your Social a timely awakening!

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4 Responses

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  1. @jebebebebe says:

    talk about being an opportunist. A funeral??? Really?

  2. jan says:

    how can I overcome my feelings when I approach woman @ supermarket? I always get nervous? I see many and feel many single who wants me to make first move?
    My problem is I always struggle with inner voices for example I hear like ‘oh she’s out of league you are going nowhere? you will stand out as joke in crowd? do yourself favour leave it for sake of heaven or if you are stubborn make it on some other time?
    These kinds of dialogue are always appear in my mind and as long as am struggling with these kind of inner critics she will just pass like there was no man’s land where she was while ago. All I need is your help because am 32 and single but virgin!

    • says:

      Hey Jan, we’ve all been there trust me. The thing is, in this scenario, for it to actually have a shot, you’ve got to have 1 very clear ingredient, confidence. And given the fact that you’ve described on your comment, it appears you have a lot to work on in this department. Those voices in your head, they have to be conquered beforehand else the only chance for you to ever get to talk to someone in the grocery store is when heaven will intervene. Say for example you aren’t really looking to get to know someone and all of a sudden you bump into this awesome girl and you get to have one of those close-up moments of a time. Even in such a scenario, even with heaven’s help, so long as you haven’t conquered your inner demons yet, you are still bound to fail.

      So if I may, work on yourself. Do the things you love and you’ll love yourself more. The more you’ll love yourself, the more people will feel this and the more you’ll get noticed. The more this happens, the more you’ll be confident about yourself. As an example, take a look at a lot of successful men out there who aren’t really good looking but they end up with the hottest girls younger than them (instead of someone about their age). This happens because they had to be successful first so they get to feel confident about themselves before they can start attracting the women they like.

      Good luck!

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